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The Iowa College Student Aid Commission (Iowa College Aid) is pleased to announce the launch of a breakthrough new public-private program to bring financial education to every high school in the state of Iowa. The program is a great capstone for a comprehensive K-12 program in financial literacy as outlined in the essential concepts and skills of the Iowa Core. Financial literacy is an essential skill students need to succeed as adults.

The Iowa Financial Literacy Program is the latest enhancement to the statewide community web portal, www.IHaveAPlanIowa.gov. I Have A Plan Iowa™ is a comprehensive planning tool that assists Iowans as they investigate career opportunities, explore education options, learn how to use education to meet career goals, master core concepts of personal finance, and find employment opportunities in Iowa.  As the state-designated career planning system, I Have A Plan Iowa™ also helps Iowa schools meet Iowa Code Section 279.61 which requires all Iowa students to create career plans in 8th grade as well as complete required components of the
state-designated career planning system in grades 8-12.

EverFi, Inc. Selected to Provide Award-Winning Program

Iowa College Aid has partnered with EverFi, Inc., the industry leader in web-based financial literacy programs, to build the Iowa Financial Literacy Program. The partnership takes advantage of the Washington DC-based company's expertise in the use of new media technology to teach, assess, and certify high school students in over 600 core concepts of personal finance. EverFi, Inc. provides an online financial literacy platform that is both engaging to students and aligns with the Iowa Core essential financial literacy concepts and skills for high school students.
Financial Literacy Platform Demo

Sustaining the Program through Public-Private Partnerships

A federal College Access Challenge Grant awarded to Iowa College Aid provided initial funding to launch the Iowa Financial Literacy Program in all Iowa high schools. While monies from the federal College Access Challenge Grant can be used to fund projects that promote financial literacy and debt management, it is not meant to be the sole source of funding. Future funding needed to grow and sustain the Iowa Financial Literacy Program will be obtained through
public-private partnerships with local organizations and agencies interested in being part of this innovative new program to bring financial education to students in their communities.

Financial Literacy Statistics

Recent statistics demonstrate the importance of ensuring that students leave high school prepared to successfully manage their finances.
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About the Iowa College Student Aid Commission

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission provides college access, financial literacy, and outreach services to Iowa's students and families as they prepare, plan, and pay for college. Iowa College Aid also administers state scholarship, grant, work-study, and loan forgiveness programs totaling nearly $60.0 million annually, administers the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), provides borrowers with assistance to avoid the serious consequences of default, conducts research and distributes higher education data, and offers Iowans assistance in obtaining student financial aid and college-related information. Iowa College Aid serves as the state-designated administrator of the U.S. Department of Education’s College Access Challenge Grant, which is designed to increase the college-going culture in Iowa.  Additionally, Iowa College Aid is the administrator of the federal GEAR-UP Grant, a multi-year statewide grant to provide early awareness programming and outreach initiatives to thousands of Iowa’s students and families.

About EverFi, Inc.

EverFi provides the leading education media platform to teach students the core concepts of financial literacy, student loan management, health and nutrition and other key life skills. Through its proprietary technology platform, the company is powering a national movement that enables foundations, corporations, school districts and universities to launch community-based programs in a variety of off-curriculum subjects. Currently in over 2,000 schools across 49 states, EverFi's award-winning platform is designed to provide an exciting and engaging experience for students. The program features the latest in new media, including 3D simulations, messaging tools, animations, high-definition video and adaptive-pathing.