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This log-in is for Financial Aid Administrators to certify the information on students applying for the Opportunity Grant/ETV Program  If you have questions, contact Information Service Center at the Iowa College Student Aid Commission 1-877-272-4456

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The collection system was tested on IE 6+.  You may experience problems using another browser type.  This should by no means be taken as an endorsement of one browser over another, but simply an awareness that development was done on the browser in use by the majority of users.  For optimal viewing, screen resolution should be set to 800x600 or higher.

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If at any time an error message window appears listing Cookies disabled, your browser settings need to be changed.  In Internet Explorer, these features are found on the Internet Options menu found on the Tools pull-down menu.  The Internet Options window contains six or seven tabs: General, Security, [Privacy], Content, Connections, Programs, and Advanced.  Cookie settings will be under the Security tab zone settings or the Privacy tab.  In IE versions 6+, the Privacy tab contains settings to allow you to increase/decrease the cookie security.  Click the Edit... button in the Web Sites section, and then in the Address of web site, type: state.ia.us, and then click Allow.  In earlier versions of IE, the security tab offers access to four zones: Internet, local intranet, trusted sites, and restricted sites.  If choices for the cookie settings are found in the Internet zone by selecting the custom button, scroll down the list of settings until the Cookies option shows.  The allow per-session cookies (not stored) option should be set to enabled.  In Netscape Navigator, these features are found on the Preferences window found on the Edit pull-down menu.  The Preferences window opens with two frames.  The left-hand frame shows the structure of the option categories.  The right-hand frame lists the options for each category. Choices for the cookie settings are found in the Advanced category.  The "accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server" option should be selected if cookies are currently disabled.