Submission Deadline for 2019-2020: November 15, 2019
Due to funding limitations, only applications from 2017-18 and 2018-19 graduates are being solicited.
If I am awarded, how will I get the money?

If you are selected for a Teach Iowa Scholar (TIS) award you will be notified via email and payments will be disbursed in July/August 2020 once we have:

  1. Verified with your college/university that you graduated in the top 25% of your bachelor or masters program, and
  2. Verified with your employer that you are teaching in an eligible shortage area during the entire 2019-2020 school year.
When you submit the application below, you will choose how you want to receive your payment. Once your application is submitted you cannot change your payment option. The two options are:
  1. Pay my student loans - Iowa College Aid will send your award to the lender of your choice. We can only make payments toward Stafford, Consolidation, Graduate PLUS and Perkins Loans. Payments cannot be split between multiple lenders; the entire award will be sent to the same lender.
  2. Pay me - Iowa College Aid will send your award to the permanent mailing address you provide. Payments to individuals are considered taxable income and the State of Iowa will issue you a 1099 form in 2021 for Teach Iowa Scholar payments made in calendar year 2020. Please consult with a tax professional for a full understanding of how this payment could impact your tax obligation.*
*You may want to consider the 'Pay Me' option if you are trying to qualify for any other loan forgiveness program.

Who can I contact with questions?

Iowa College Student Aid Commission
1-877-272-4456 option 3


Your Name:
     First:    MI:    Last:
Date of Birth: (MM/DD/YYYY)
Social Security Number (xxx-xx-xxxx):     Re-type:
Gender: Male    Female
Permanent Address:
    Mailing Address:
    City:     State:     Zip:
Home Telephone Number:
E-mail Address:
I am teaching in Iowa in the following shortage area during the 2019-20 school year:
Licensure Folder Number:
The following questions are about the teacher preparation program that enabled you to teach
in this shortage area
. A teacher preparation program is an undergraduate or graduate program where you earned a bachelors or masters degree. Graduate-level classes which were taken to add an endorsement do not count. Only bachelor and masters degrees will be considered.
From which college/university did you graduate with credentials to teach in the

(Out-of-State college is the first option)
If your college/university would know you by another name, please list it here:
       First Name:        Last Name:   
During which academic year did you graduate with the degree that credentialed you to teach
in this shortage area
Which college degree prepared you to teach
in this shortage area
What is your employment status for the 2019-20 school year?
What is your principal/supervisor's contact information?
During the 2019-20 school year, you are under contract to teach at what Iowa School or AEA? Please use the 'Search' field to locate the name.

Employer:    (select below)

Code Name
190408000101A-H-S-T Elementary School, Avoca
190408000102A-H-S-T High School, Avoca
190822000409Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs
190309000006Adair-Casey Elementary School, Adair
190309000007Adair-Casey Jr-Sr High School, Adair
190633000522Adams Elementary School, Carroll
190858000456Adams Elementary School, Davenport
190315000008Adel Elementary School, Adel
190315001986ADM Middle School, Adel
190315000009ADM Senior High School, Adel
19990070YYYYAEA 267
1999010YYYYAEA Grant Wood
19990150YYYYAEA Great Prairie
19990130YYYYAEA Green Hills
19990110YYYYAEA Heartland
19990010YYYYAEA Keystone
19990090YYYYAEA Mississippi Bend
19990120YYYYAEA Northwest
19990050YYYYAEA Prairie Lakes
190306000003AGWSR Elementary School, Ackley
190306000004AGWSR High School, Ackley
190306000634AGWSR Middle School, Wellsburg
191401000838Ainsworth Elementary School, Ainsworth
190322001937Akron Westfield Elementary School, Akron
190322001938Akron Westfield Middle School, Akron
190322001939Akron Westfield Senior High School, Akron
192094001251Alan Shepard Elementary School, Long Grove
190003101300Albert City-Truesdale Elementary School, Albert City
190327000017Albia High School, Albia
190327001406Albia Middle School, Albia
190330000024Alburnett Elementary School, Alburnett
190330002193Alburnett Middle School, Alburnett
190330000025Alburnett Senior High School, Alburnett
190003201317Alden Elementary School, Alden
190579000191Aldo Leopold Middle School, Burlington
190336000030Algona High School, Algona
190336000034Algona Middle School, Algona
000000457838All Saints Catholic School, Davenport
000000457463All Saints School, Cedar Rapids
190339000039Allamakee Junior High School, Waukon
190348000045Alta Elementary School, Alta
190348000046Alta-Aurelia High School School, Alta
191878001099Alternative School, Mason City
191914001250Alterntive Learning Cent, Wellman
192682001566Altoona Elementary School, Altoona
190759000048Amana Elementary School, Middle Amana
190354000050Ames High School, Ames
190354000060Ames Middle School, Ames
190357000061Anamosa High School, Anamosa
190357000062Anamosa Middle School, Anamosa
190507000153Anderson Elementary School, Bondurant
190363000067Andrew Elementary School, Andrew
190363002136Andrew Middle School, Andrew
190369002187Ankeny Centennial High School, Ankeny
0000A9501805Ankeny Christian Academy Elementary, Ankeny
190369000071Ankeny High School, Ankeny
191872001082Anson Elementary School, Marshalltown
191848000080Anthon Elementary, Anthon
190375000082Aplington / Parkersburg Middle School, Aplington
190375000081Aplington Elementary School, Aplington
190375001337Aplington Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg
000000457485Aquin Elementary School, Cascade
190378002177Ar-We-Va Elementary Community School, Westside
190654000233Arthur Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190369002094Ashland Ridge Elementary, Ankeny
000000457962Assumption High School, Davenport
000000458274Assumption School, Granger
190483000136Atkins Elementary School, Atkins
190393000090Atlantic High School, Atlantic
190393000093Atlantic Middle School, Atlantic
190396000095Audubon Elementary School, Audubon
190948000602Audubon Elementary School, Dubuque
190396000096Audubon Middle-High School, Audubon
190402000099Aurelia Elementary School, Aurelia
190402000013Aurelia Middle School, Aurelia
192061002127Aurora Heights Elementary School, Newton
191872001084B R Miller Middle School, Marshalltown
191320000789Bailey Park Elementary School, Grinnell
190420000106Ballard Community Middle School, Huxley
190420000105Ballard Community Senior High School, Huxley
192061002052Basics and Beyond Alternative School, Newton
190432000864Battle Creek-Ida Grove Senior High School, Ida Grove
190438000113Baxter Elementary School, Baxter
190438000114Baxter High School, Baxter
190432000862BCIG Elementary School, Ida Grove
190444000119BCLUW Elementary School, Conrad
190444000118BCLUW High School, Conrad
190444000087BCLUW Middle School, Union
191545000478Beaver Creek Elem School, Johnston
000000456798Beckman Catholic HS, Dyersville
190456000122Bedford Elementary School, Bedford
190456000120Bedford High School, Bedford
190462000124Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School, Belle Plaine
190465000128Bellevue Elementary School, Bellevue
190465000129Bellevue High School, Bellevue
190468001436Belmond-Klemme Alternative School, Belmond
190468000130Belmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School, Belmond
190474000134Bennett Elementary School, Bennett
190483001987Benton Community Middle School, Van Horne
190483000137Benton Community Senior High School, Van Horne
192061002117Berg Elementary School, Newton
192061001221Berg Middle School, Newton
YYYYYYYY6556Bergman Academy, Des Moines
193135001823Bernard Elementary School, Bernard
190336000031Bertha Godfrey Elementary School, Algona
190486000142Bettendorf High School, Bettendorf
190486000143Bettendorf Middle School, Bettendorf
000000458955Bishop Garrigan High School, Algona
0000BB120935Bishop Heelan Catholic High School, Sioux City
190579000180Black Hawk Elementary School, Burlington
190495000151Blakesburg Elementary, Blakesburg
YYYYYYYY6547Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Middle School, Waterloo
000000457135Blessed Sacrament School, Waterloo
190822000411Bloomer Elementary School, Council Bluffs
190858000457Blue Grass Elementary School, Blue Grass
190771000597Bluff Elementary School, Clinton
191470000881Bohumil Shimek Elementary School, Iowa City
190507002125Bondurant - Farrar Middle School, Bondurant
190507000154Bondurant-Farrar High School, Bondurant
190513000156Boone High School, Boone
190513000157Boone Middle School, Boone
191722001002Bowman Woods Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190519000166Boyden-Hull Elementary School, Boyden
190519000167Boyden-Hull High School, Hull
190957000599Boyer Valley Elementary School, Dow City
190957000628Boyer Valley Middle/High School, Dunlap
192311001362Bridgeview Elementary School, LeClaire
191851001060Briggs Elementary School, Maquoketa
190891002097Broadway Elementary School, Denison
190897000517Brody Middle School, Des Moines
191644000980Bronson Elementary School, Bronson
190549000173Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Elementary School, Brooklyn
190549000174Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School, Brooklyn
193051000699Brookview Elementary, West Des Moines
190897000746Brubaker Elementary School, Des Moines
190336000032Bryant Elementary School, Algona
190948000603Bryant Elementary School, Dubuque
192640001498Bryant Elementary School, Sioux City
190858000458Buchanan Elementary School, Davenport
190858000459Buffalo Elementary School, Buffalo
191470002133Buford Garner Elementary, North Liberty
193048000586Bunger Middle School, Evansdale
190579001974Burlington Alternative School, Burlington
190579000181Burlington Community High School, Burlington
191182000720Butler Elementary School, Fort Dodge
190597000201CAL Community High School, Latimer
190597000203CAL Elementary School, Latimer
190600000204Calamus-Wheatland Elem Attendance Center, Calamus
190600002042Calamus-Wheatland Sec Attendance Center, Wheatland
190897000519Callanan Middle School, Des Moines
000000457496Calmar Festina Spillville Catholic Sch, Calmar
190594000070CAM High School, Anita
190594000200CAM Middle School, Massena
190594000069CAM North Elementary, Anita
190594000199CAM South Elementary School, Massena
190606000209Camanche Elementary School, Camanche
190606000206Camanche High School, Camanche
190606000207Camanche Middle School, Camanche
190897000518Capitol View Elementary School, Des Moines
190624001975Cardinal Elementary School, Eldon
191851001061Cardinal Elementary School, Maquoketa
190624000211Cardinal Middle-Senior High School, Eldon
190627000214Carlisle Elementary School, Carlisle
190627000215Carlisle High School, Carlisle
190627001561Carlisle Middle School, Carlisle
191965001152Carpenter Elementary School, Monticello
190708000982Carrie Lane High School, Charles City
190873001501Carrie Lee Elementary, Decorah
190633000218Carroll High School, Carroll
190633001989Carroll Middle School, Carroll
190822000413Carter Lake Elementary School, Carter Lake
190948001532Carver Elementary School, Dubuque
190897001596Carver Elementary, Des Moines
193135001824Cascade Elementary School, Cascade
193135001825Cascade Junior-Senior High School, Cascade
190897000521Cattell Elementary School, Des Moines
190651000221Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls
190651000222Cedar Heights Elementary School, Cedar Falls
192682001567Centennial Elementary School, Altoona
190666000272Center Point-Urbana High School, Center Point
190666002150Center Point-Urbana Intermediate School, Urbana
190666002041Center Point-Urbana Middle School, Center Point
190666000273Center Point-Urbana Primary School, Center Point
190675002096Centerville Community Preschool Bldg, Centerville
190675000700Centerville Early Childhood Special Ed, Centerville
190675000275Centerville High School, Centerville
190678000284Central City Elementary School, Central City
190678000285Central City High School, Central City
190678001998Central City Junior High, Central City
190684000292Central Community Jr-Sr High School, Elkader
190690000297Central Decatur MS/Sr High School, Leon
191470000883Central Elementary School, Coralville
192025001200Central Elementary School, Nevada
190858000461Central High School, Davenport
190681000286Central High School, De Witt
190681002144Central Intermediate School, DeWitt
0000AA000678Central Iowa Christian School, Grinnell
190693000305Central Lee Elementary School, Donnellson
190693000302Central Lee High School, Donnellson
190693000303Central Lee Middle School, Donnellson
000000459314Central Lutheran School, Newhall
190696000306Central Lyon Elementary School, Rock Rapids
190696000307Central Lyon Middle School, Rock Rapids
190696000308Central Lyon Senior High School, Rock Rapids
190681000287Central Middle School, De Witt
192013001182Central Middle School, Muscatine
193048002024Central Middle School, Waterloo
192076001238Central Springs Elem. Manly Campus, Manly
192076001235Central Springs Elem. School - Nora Springs, Nora Springs
192076001239Central Springs High School, Manly
192076001236Central Springs Middle School, Nora Springs
190675000276Central Ward Elementary School, Centerville
191824001045Chantry Elementary School, Malvern
190705000313Chariton High School, Chariton
190705000314Chariton Middle School, Chariton
190708000319Charles City High School, Charles City
190708000320Charles City Middle Sch., Charles City
190711000327Charter Oak-Ute Elementary School, Ute
190711000326Charter Oak-Ute High School, Charter Oak
190711000328Charter Oak-Ute Junior High School, Charter Oak
190717000335Cherokee Middle School, Cherokee
190858000471Children's Village At Hoover, Davenport
190858001416Children's Village Hayes, Davenport
190858001204Children's Village West, Davenport
19085800XXXXChildrens Village Lincoln, Davenport
000000458252Christ The King School, Des Moines
190735000423Clarinda Academy, Clarinda
190735000340Clarinda High School, Clarinda
000000459212Clarinda Lutheran School Association, Clarinda
190735000341Clarinda Middle School, Clarinda
190738000347Clarion-Goldfield HS, Clarion
190738000346Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Elementary School, Clarion
190738000348Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School, Clarion
191653000983Clark Elementary School, Le Mars
192046001209Clark Elementary School, New London
192640001500Clark Elementary School, Sioux City
190741000351Clarke Community Elementary School, Osceola
190741000349Clarke Community High School, Osceola
190741000350Clarke Middle School School, Osceola
190744000354Clarksville Elementary School, Clarksville
190744000355Clarksville High School, Clarksville
190747002027Clay Central-Everly Elementary At Royal, Royal
190747000690Clay Central-Everly JR. SR. High School, Everly
192682001168Clay Elementary, Altoona
191335000807Clayton Ridge Elementary School, Guttenberg
191335000806Clayton Ridge High School, Guttenberg
191335000751Clayton Ridge Middle School, Garnavillo
190759000361Clear Creek Amana High School, Tiffin
190759001903Clear Creek Amana Middle School, Tiffin
190762000362Clear Creek Elementary School, Clear Lake
190759000359Clear Creek Elementary School, Oxford
190762000363Clear Lake High School, Clear Lake
190762000364Clear Lake Middle School School, Clear Lake
190654000234Cleveland Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190771000370Clinton High School, Clinton
19077100ZZZZClinton Middle School, Clinton
193093001789Clive Elementary, Des Moines
191437000858Clyde D Mease Elementary School, Dakota City
192311001363Cody Elementary School, LeClaire
190000900385Colfax-Mingo Elementary School, Colfax
190000900386Colfax-Mingo High School, Colfax
190822002146College View Elementary, Council Bluffs
190790001950Collins-Maxwell Elementary School, Collins
190790001951Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School, Maxwell
190792000395Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School, Colo
190792002194Colo-NESCO Early Learning Center, Mc Callsburg
190792002204Colo-Nesco Elementary Learning Center, Zearing
190792002152Colo-NESCO Intermediate School, Colo
192013001183Colorado Elementary School, Muscatine
000000457146Columbus Catholic High School, Waterloo
190798000396Columbus Community High School, Columbus Junction
190798000398Columbus Community Junior High School, Columbus Junction
190705000315Columbus Elementary School, Chariton
000001610514Community Christian School, Fort Dodge
000000459063Community Lutheran School, Readlyn
190654000235Coolidge Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190807000402Coon Rapids-Bayard 5-12 Attendance Center, Coon Rapids
191182000721Cooper Elementary School, Fort Dodge
192334001377Cora B Darling Elementary/Middle School, Postville
192532001445Cornell Elementary School, Des Moines
190813000403Corning Elementary School, Corning
190579000183Corse Elementary School, Burlington
190819000407Corwith-Wesley High School, Corwith
190897002011Cowles Elementary School, Des Moines
190807000401CR-B Elementary School, Coon Rapids
190822000414Crescent Elementary School, Crescent
192640001502Crescent Park Elementary School, Sioux City
191428002088Cresco Early Childhood Development Center, Cresco
191428000850Cresco Junior High School, Cresco
190831000446Creston Early Childhood Center, Creston
190831001421Creston Elementary School, Creston
190831000444Creston High School, Creston
190831001237Creston Middle School, Creston
193093001790Crestview Elementary School, Clive
191428000848Crestwood Elementary School, Cresco
191428000849Crestwood High School, Cresco
190369000778Crocker Elementary School, Ankeny
193093001791Crossroads Park Elementary School, West Des Moines
193048001719Cunningham School, Waterloo
190852000705Dallas Center Elementary, Dallas Center
190852000451Dallas Center-Grimes High School, Grimes
190852000453Dallas Center-Grimes Middle School, Dallas Center
000000458423Danbury Catholic School, Danbury
190855000454Danville Elementary School, Danville
190855000455Danville Junior-Senior High School, Danville
190861000492Davis County Community High School, Bloomfield
190861000059Davis County Elementary, Bloomfied
190861000493Davis County Middle School, Bloomfield
191320000790Davis Elementary School, Grinnell
199901902077Dayton Center, Dayton
190852002174DC-G Meadows, Grimes
000000457102De Sales Grade School, Ossian
190873000501Decorah High School, Decorah
190873000498Decorah Middle School, Decorah
192682001568Delaware Elementary School, Des Moines
191854001064Delhi Elementary School, Delhi
190888000505Delwood Elementary School, Delmar
191107000684Demoney Elementary School, Estherville
190891000915Denison Alternative High School, Denison
190891000511Denison Elementary School, Denison
190891000508Denison High School, Denison
190891000509Denison Middle School, Denison
190894000512Denver Early Elementary School, Denver
190894000513Denver Middle School, Denver
190894000514Denver Senior High School, Denver
190897001548Des Moines Central Campus High School, Des Moines
0000Y0459915Des Moines Christian Elementary School, Urbandale
190315000010DeSoto Intermediate School, DeSoto
192750000671Dexter Elementary School, Dexter
190906000593Diagonal Elementary School, Diagonal
190906000594Diagonal Junior-Senior High School, Diagonal
190912000595Dike Elementary School, Dike
190912000596Dike-New Hartford High School, Dike
190912001207Dike-New Hartford Junior High School, New Hartford
000000456914Don Bosco High School, Gilbertville
000000458139Dowling Catholic High School, West Des Moines
190897000232Downtown School, Des Moines
193135000205Drexler Middle- Intermediate School, Farley
0000A0501655Dubuque Lutheran School, Dubuque
190948000604Dubuque Senior High School, Dubuque
191182000722Duncombe Elementary School, Fort Dodge
190954000624Dunkerton Elementary, Dunkerton
190954000625Dunkerton High School, Dunkerton
190960000629Durant Elementary School, Durant
192760001609Durant Elementary School, Sumner
190960000630Durant High School, Durant
190960000631Durant Middle School, Durant
193135001828Dyersville Elementary School, Dyersville
190002200632Dysart-Geneseo Elementary School, Dysart
191668000995E A Kreft Primary School, Council Bluffs
190999001537Eagle Grove Elementary, Eagle Grove
190999000635Eagle Grove High School, Eagle Grove
190771001519Eagle Heights Elementary School, Clinton
191005000640Earlham Elementary School, Earlham
191005001956Earlham Middle School, Earlham
191005000641Earlham Senior High School, Earlham
191854001065Earlville Elementary School, Earlville
191458001318Early Childhood Center, Independence
193099001408Early Childhood Center, West Liberty
190717000325Early Childhood Learning Center, Cherokee
193051000299Eason Elementary, Waukee
191011000642East Buchanan Elementary School, Winthrop
191011000643East Buchanan High School, Winthrop
191011000644East Buchanan Middle School, Winthrop
190339000036East Campus Elementary School, Waukon
192739001597East Early Childhood Ctr, Storm Lake
190369000072East Elementary School, Ankeny
191458000865East Elementary School, Independence
192598001473East Elementary School, Sheldon
190420000109East Elementary, Cambridge
190897000528East High School, Des Moines
192640001504East High School, Sioux City
193048001714East High School, Waterloo
190004000132East Marshall Elementary School, Laurel
190004000121East Marshall Middle School, Gilman
190004000117East Marshall Senior High School, Le Grand
192640001505East Middle School, Sioux City
191824001230East Mills Elementary School, Hastings
191824001046East Mills Jr/Sr High School, Malvern
191824000779East Mills Learning Center, Malvern
192958001438East Sac County Elementary Sac Building, Sac City
192958001686East Sac County Elementary Wall Lake, Wall Lake
192958001687East Sac County High School, Lake View
192958001511East Sac County Middle School, Sac City
191035000659East Union Elementary, Afton
191035000661East Union Middle-High School, Afton
191013000647Easton Valley Elementary School, Miles
191013002201Easton Valley High School, Preston
191722002092Echo Hill Elementary, Marion
190495000667Eddyville Elementary, Eddyville
190495000668Eddyville-Blakesburg- Fremont Jr/Sr High, Eddyville
191050000669Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School, Colesburg
191050000670Edgewood-Colesburg High School, Edgewood
190822000416Edison Elementary School, Council Bluffs
190897000529Edmunds Fine Arts Academy, Des Moines
192034001326Education Options, New Hampton
190579000186Edward Stone Middle School, Burlington
192094001252Edward White Elementary School, Eldridge
190354000052Edwards Elementary School, Ames
19112500EEEEEHK Elementary,
190858000462Eisenhower Elementary School, Davenport
190948000605Eisenhower Elementary School, Dubuque
192211001315Eisenhower Elementary School, Ottumwa
190681000288Ekstrand Elementary School, De Witt
191069001912Eldora-New Providence Elementary School, Eldora
191069002048Eldora-New Providence High School, Eldora
190948000976Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, Dubuque
191470001030Elizabeth Tate Alt. High School, Iowa City
193048001560Elk Run Early Childhood Center, Elk Run Heights
190684000293Elkader Elementary School, Elkader
191323000795Elliott Elementary School, Elliott
191428000851Elma Elementary School, Elma
191464000870Emerson Elementary School, Indianola
191869001074Emerson Elementary School, Marion
192061002131Emerson Hough Elementary School, Newton
000000458456Emmetsburg Catholic School, Emmetsburg
191095000675Emmetsburg High School, Emmetsburg
191095000676Emmetsburg Middle School, Emmetsburg
191098000680English Valleys Elementary School, North English
191098000679English Valleys Jr-Sr High School, North English
193135001829Epworth Elementary School, Epworth
191470000885Ernest Horn Elementary School, Iowa City
190654000237Erskine Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
191104000682Essex Elementary School, Essex
191104000683Essex Junior-Senior High School, Essex
191107000685Estherville Lincoln Central High School, Estherville
191107000686Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School, Estherville
192211001316Evans Middle School, Ottumwa
191722001005Excelsior Middle School, Marion
19112500RRRRExira Elementary, Elk Horn
19112500UUUUExira-EHK High School, Elk Horn
191125002142Exira/EHK Middle School, Exira
193048002126Expo Alternative Learning Center, Waterloo
192976001693Fairbank Elementary School, Fairbank
191134000693Fairfield High School, Fairfield
191134000694Fairfield Middle School, Fairfield
193093001792Fairmeadows Elementary School, West Des Moines
190633000217Fairview Elementary School, Carroll
191320000791Fairview Elementary School, Grinnell
192691002184Fairview Park Elementary, Spencer
193135001830Farley Elementary School, Farley
191152000702Farragut Elementary School, Farragut
191182000723Feelhaver Elementary School, Fort Dodge
190354000053Fellows Elementary School, Ames
190858000463Fillmore Elementary School, Davenport
190897000531Findley Elementary School, Des Moines
191872001086Fisher Elementary School, Marshalltown
190861000959Flex Ed High School, Bloomfield
191179000715Forest City Elementary School, Forest City
191179000716Forest City High School, Forest City
191179000717Forest City Middle School, Forest City
191182000724Fort Dodge High School, Fort Dodge
191182002197Fort Dodge Middle School, Fort Dodge
191185000733Fort Madison High School, Fort Madison
191185000734Fort Madison Middle School, Fort Madison
192682001569Four Mile Elementary School, Pleasant Hill
191869000437Francis Marion Intermediate School, Marion
190858000464Frank L Smart Intermediate, Davenport
191872000372Franklin Elementary Sch, Marshalltown
190513000159Franklin Elementary School, Boone
190822000418Franklin Elementary School, Council Bluffs
191653000985Franklin Elementary School, Le Mars
192013001184Franklin Elementary School, Muscatine
190654000239Franklin Middle School, Cedar Rapids
193048001715Fred Becker Elementary School, Waterloo
192760000741Fredericksburg Elem School, Fredericksburg
190495000743Fremont Elementary, Fremont
191212000747Fremont-Mills Elementary School, Tabor
191212000745Fremont-Mills Middle And Senior High School, Tabor
190948000607Fulton Elementary School, Dubuque
190513002056Futures Alternative School, Boone
191223001959Galva-Holstein Elementary School, Holstein
191223002122Galva-Holstein Upper Elementary, Galva
190654000240Garfield Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190675000278Garfield Elementary School, Centerville
190735000342Garfield Elementary School, Clarinda
190858000465Garfield Elementary School, Davenport
191233000752Garner Elementary School, Garner
191233000753Garner-Hayfield High School, Garner
190897000534Garton Elementary, Des Moines
0000A0701002Gehlen Catholic School, Le Mars
191248000757George Elementary School, George
193048001725George Washington Carver Academy, Waterloo
191563000936George Washington Elementary School, Keokuk
190654000241George Washington High School, Cedar Rapids
190948000620George Washington Middle School, Dubuque
191248001011George-Little Rock Middle School, Little Rock
191248000758George-Little Rock Senior High School, George
190822000419Gerald W Kirn Middle School, Council Bluffs
191251000759Gilbert Elementary School, Gilbert
191251000760Gilbert High School, Gilbert
191251002192Gilbert Intermediate School, Gilbert
191251001471Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert
191260000762Gilmore City Elementary School, Gilmore City
191266001401Gladbrook Elementary School, Gladbrook
191266001402Gladbrook-Reinbeck High School, Reinbeck
191266002014Gladbrook-Reinbeck Middle School, Gladbrook
191269000766Glenwood Middle School, Glenwood
191269000767Glenwood Senior High School, Glenwood
191275000771Glidden-Ralston Elementary School, Glidden
191275000772Glidden-Ralston Jr-Sr High School, Glidden
190006000182GMG Elementary School, Green Mountain
190006000179GMG Secondary School, Garwin
191584000524GOAL Alternative School, Knoxville
190897000535Goodrell Middle School, Des Moines
191281002120Graettinger-Terril Elementary School, Terril
191281000776Graettinger-Terril High School, Graettinger
191281002118Graettinger-Terril Middle School, Graettinger
YYYYYYYY6557Grand View Christian Elementary School, Des Moines
190327000019Grant Center Elementary, Albia
190654001490Grant Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
192013001186Grant Elementary School, Muscatine
190486000144Grant Wood Elementary School, Bettendorf
190654000243Grant Wood Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
191470000886Grant Wood Elementary School, Iowa City
191521000076Greene County Elementary, Jefferson
191521000918Greene County High School, Jefferson
191521002173Greene County Intermediate School, Grand Junction
191521000919Greene County Middle School, Jefferson
193054000832Greenview Alternative School, Waverly
190897000538Greenwood Elementary School, Des Moines
191320000793Grinnell Community Middle School, Grinnell
191320000792Grinnell Community Senior High School, Grinnell
191323000796Griswold Middle/High School, Griswold
191329000799Grundy Center Elementary School, Grundy Center
191329000801Grundy Center High School, Grundy Center
191329000415Grundy Center Middle School, Grundy Center
191332000803Guthrie Center Elementary School, Guthrie Center
191332000804Guthrie Center High School, Guthrie Center
191332000805Guthrie Center Junior High School, Guthrie Center
191338001993H-L-V Elementary School, Victor
191338000808H-L-V Junior-Senior High School, Victor
193063000990Hamilton Regional HS High School, Webster City
191347000813Hampton-Dumont High School, Hampton
191347000814Hampton-Dumont Middle School, Hampton
190897000539Hanawalt Elementary, Des Moines
191878001102Harding Elementary School, Mason City
190654000244Harding Middle School, Cedar Rapids
190897000540Harding Middle School, Des Moines
191350000826Harlan Comm Intermediate School, Harlan
191350000825Harlan Comm. Primary, Harlan
191350000821Harlan Community High School, Harlan
191350000822Harlan Community Middle School, Harlan
191989001169Harlan Elementary School, Mount Pleasant
191353000827Harmony Elementary School, Bonparte
191353000828Harmony Jr. Sr. High, Farmington
191614000966Harris-Lake Park Elementary School, Lake Park
191614000967Harris-Lake Park High School, Lake Park
190654000245Harrison Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190858000469Harrison Elementary School, Davenport
190858001881Harry S Truman School, Davenport
190627000216Hartford Upper Elementary, Hartford
191366001962Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Elementary School, Hartley
191366001963Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School, Hartley
191366002065Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Middle School, Sanborn
193129001819Hawarden Elementary School, Hawarden
191563000930Hawthorne Elementary School, Keokuk
190858000470Hayes Elementary School, Davenport
0000A0501657Heartland Christian School, Council Bluffs
190651000223Helen A Hansen Elementary School, Cedar Falls
191470000887Helen Lemme Elementary School, Iowa City
190948000608Hempstead High School, Dubuque
0000A0103443Hennessy Catholic School Petersburg Center, Dyersville
191545002018Henry A Wallace Elementary School, Johnston
190486000145Herbert Hoover Elementary School, Bettendorf
191470000889Herbert Hoover Elementary School, Iowa City
190897000516Hiatt Middle School, Des Moines
190654000247Hiawatha Elementary School, Hiawatha
193048001970Highland Elementary School, Waterloo
191401000839Highland High School, Riverside
191401000840Highland Middle School, Riverside
190897000541Hillis Elementary School, Des Moines
191470000890Hills Elementary School, Hills
193093001188Hillside Elementary School, West Des Moines
191416000843Hinton Elementary School, Hinton
191416000844Hinton High School, Hinton
191416000845Hinton Middle School, Hinton
190651000224Holmes Junior High School, Cedar Falls
000000458605Holy Cross Blessed Sacrament School, Sioux City
000000458693Holy Cross St Michael School, Sioux City
000000458376Holy Family School, Des Moines
000000457328Holy Ghost School, Dubuque
000000457984Holy Trinity Elem, West Point
000000457689Holy Trinity High School Holy Trinity Jr-Sr. High, Fort Madison
YYYYYYYY6558Holy Trinity School, Des Moines
190654000248Hoover Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190822000422Hoover Elementary School, Council Bluffs
190948000609Hoover Elementary School, Dubuque
191878001103Hoover Elementary School, Mason City
193075001771Hoover Elementary School, West Branch
190897000543Hoover High School, Des Moines
193048001723Hoover Middle School, Waterloo
192311002164Hopewell Elementary, Bettendorf
191470000891Horace Mann Elementary School, Iowa City
192211001319Horace Mann Elementary School, Ottumwa
191545000653Horizon Elementary, Johnston
191884001114Hospers Elementary School, Hospers
190675000279Howar Junior High School, Centerville
192166001293Howe Elementary School, Ogden
190897000544Howe Elementary, Des Moines
190897000545Hoyt Middle School, Des Moines
191431002038Hubbard-Radcliffe Elementary School, Radcliffe
190897000546Hubbell Elementary, Des Moines
191434000856Hudson Elementary School, Hudson
191434000857Hudson High School, Hudson
191434000429Hudson Middle School, Hudson
000000459551Hull Christian School, Hull
000000459777Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School, Hull
191437000859Humboldt High School, Humboldt
191437000860Humboldt Middle School, Humboldt
192640001513Hunt Elementary School, Sioux City
191488001050IKM-Manning High School, Manning
191488000912IKM-Manning Middle School, Manilla
000000457383Immaculate Conception School, Charles City
000000456925Immaculate Conception- St Joseph, Gilbertville
191458000866Independence Junior Senior High School, Independence
191722001003Indian Creek Elementary School, Marion
193093001793Indian Hills Junior High School, Clive
191464000872Indianola High School, Indianola
191464000875Indianola Middle School, Indianola
191653001101Individualized Learning Center, Le Mars
192400001395Inman Primary School, Red Oak
191467000880Interstate 35 Elementary School, Truro
191467002196Interstate 35 Secondary School, Truro
000000459471Inwood Christian School, Inwood
XX0666609610Iowa Braille & Sight-Saving School - Vinton
0000A0103467Iowa Christian Academy, West Des Moines
191470000892Iowa City High School, Iowa City
190594002180Iowa Connections Academy Elementary, Anita
190594002169Iowa Connections Academy High School, Anita
190594002176Iowa Connections Academy Middle School, Anita
191473000904Iowa Falls - Alden High School, Iowa Falls
0000A0103471Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School, Spencer
000000459405Iowa Mennonite School, Kalona
XX7814769610Iowa School for the Deaf - Council Bluffs
191485000909Iowa Valley Elementary School, Marengo
191485000910Iowa Valley Jr-Sr High School, Marengo
191335002206Iowa Virtual Academy, Garnavillo
000000459609Ireton Christian School, Ireton
193129001820Ireton Elementary School, Ireton
190948000610Irving Elementary School, Dubuque
191464000874Irving Elementary School, Indianola
192640001514Irving Elementary School, Sioux City
193048001724Irving Elementary School, Waterloo
192640002080Irving Preschool, Sioux City
191488000911Irwin Elementary School, Irwin
0000A9103339Isaac Newton Christian Academy, Cedar Rapids
191872001089J C Hoglan Elementary School, Marshalltown
190654000213Jackson Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190858000473Jackson Elementary School, Davenport
190897000547Jackson Elementary School, Des Moines
192211001320James Elementary School, Ottumwa
191470001034James Van Allen Elementary School, North Liberty
190579000187James Wilson Grimes School, Burlington
191518000913Janesville Elementary School, Janesville
191518000914Janesville Junior-Senior High School, Janesville
190858000476JB Young Elementary, Davenport
190858000472JB Young Intermediate, Davenport
190771000378Jefferson Elementary School, Clinton
190858000474Jefferson Elementary School, Davenport
190897000548Jefferson Elementary School, Des Moines
191878001104Jefferson Elementary School, Mason City
192013001187Jefferson Elementary School, Muscatine
192247000116Jefferson Intermediate, Pella
192868001655Jensen Elementary School, Urbandale
19089700PPPPJessie Franklin Taylor, Des Moines
191533000923Jesup Elementary School, Jesup
191533000924Jesup High School, Jesup
191533002051Jesup Middle School, Jesup
191878001105John Adams Middle School, Mason City
190873000500John Cline Elementary School, Decorah
000000457871John F Kennedy Cath Sch, Davenport
190654000250John F Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids
192094001253John Glenn Elementary School, Donahue
190948000613John Kennedy Elementary School, Dubuque
192334001378John R Mott High School, Postville
190654000251Johnson Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
192691002170Johnson Elementary, Spencer
191854001066Johnston Elementary School, Hopkinton
191545000926Johnston Middle School, Johnston
191545000927Johnston Senior High School, Johnston
193093000168Jordan Creek Elementary School, West Des Moines
190894000831K-5 Elementary School Lincoln Street Building, Denver
191914001130Kalona Elementary School, Kalona
YYYYYYYY6549Kanawha Christian School, Kanawha
192868001656Karen Acres Elementary School, Urbandale
191041000663Kee High School, Lansing
190327000021Kendall Center, Albia
190654000252Kenwood Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
000000457929Keokuk Catholic Schools St. Vincent's School, Keokuk
191563000932Keokuk High School, Keokuk
191563000933Keokuk Middle School, Keokuk
191566000938Keota Elementary School, Keota
191566000939Keota High School, Keota
190483000139Keystone Elementary School, Keystone
190897000556King Elementary School, Des Moines
191575000940Kingsley Elementary School, Kingsley
193048001727Kingsley Elementary School, Waterloo
191575000941Kingsley-Pierson High School, Kingsley
192637001495Kinsey Elementary School, Sioux Center
191470000893Kirkwood Elementary School, Coralville
193048001728Kittrell Elementary School, Waterloo
191653000987Kluckhohn Elementary School, Le Mars
191584000948Knoxville High School, Knoxville
191584000949Knoxville Middle School, Knoxville
000000458864Kuemper Catholic School System, Carroll
190002200956La Porte City Elementary School, La Porte City
191611000963Lake Mills Elementary School, Lake Mills
191611000964Lake Mills Middle School, Lake Mills
191611000965Lake Mills Senior High School, Lake Mills
190675000280Lakeview Elementary, Centerville
192658001542Lakeview Elementary, Solon
192124001273Lakewood Elementary School, Norwalk
193090001782Lambert Elementary School, Manchester
191632000974Lamoni Elementary School, Lamoni
191632000975Lamoni High School, Lamoni
191632002019Lamoni Middle School, Lamoni
191041000665Lansing Middle School, Lansing
000000456947LaSalle Catholic School System, Holy Cross
0000A0103511LaSalle Middle School, Cedar Rapids
191642000977Laurens-Marathon Elementary School, Laurens
191642000978Laurens-Marathon High School, Laurens
191642000979Laurens-Marathon Middle School, Laurens
191545000532Lawson Elementary School, Johnston
191644000981Lawton Junior-Senior High School, Lawton
191653000988Le Mars High School, Le Mars
191653000984Le Mars Middle School, Le Mars
192640001934Leeds Elementary School, Sioux City
191872001404Lenihan Intermediate School, Marshalltown
191662000991Lenox Elementary School, Lenox
191662000992Lenox High School, Lenox
190822000424Lewis & Clark Elementary School, Council Bluffs
191668000997Lewis Central Middle School, Council Bluffs
191668000996Lewis Central Senior High School, Council Bluffs
191323000798Lewis Elementary School, Lewis
192211002185Liberty Elementary School, Ottumwa
192640002165Liberty Elementary School, Sioux City
191134000695Libertyville Elementary School, Libertyville
191428000852Lime Springs Elementary School, Lime Springs
190327000018Lincoln Center, Albia
192184001301Lincoln Elementary Schoo, Osage
190513000161Lincoln Elementary School, Boone
190651000226Lincoln Elementary School, Cedar Falls
190675000281Lincoln Elementary School, Centerville
190708000323Lincoln Elementary School, Charles City
190948000614Lincoln Elementary School, Dubuque
191185000736Lincoln Elementary School, Fort Madison
191470000894Lincoln Elementary School, Iowa City
191989001170Lincoln Elementary School, Mount Pleasant
192247001348Lincoln Elementary School, Pella
192640001517Lincoln Elementary School, Sioux City
192691002182Lincoln Elementary School, Spencer
193048001729Lincoln Elementary School, Waterloo
190897000550Lincoln High School, Des Moines
191878002115Lincoln Intermediate, Mason City
193024001702Lincoln Upper Elementary School, Washington
191722001525Linn Grove Elementary School, Marion
191722001004Linn-Mar High School, Marion
191725001008Lisbon Elementary School, Lisbon
191725001009Lisbon High School, Lisbon
191725001981Lisbon Middle School, Lisbon
192163000706Little Husky Learning Center, Oelwein
191248001010Little Rock Elementary School, Little Rock
191746001013Logan-Magnolia Elementary School, Logan
191746001014Logan-Magnolia Jr-Sr High School, Logan
191755001018Lone Tree Elementary School, Lone Tree
191755001019Lone Tree Junior-Senior High School, Lone Tree
190462000127Longfellow Elementary School, Belle Plaine
190822000425Longfellow Elementary School, Council Bluffs
191470000895Longfellow Elementary School, Iowa City
193048001165Lou Henry Elementary School, Waterloo
191782001023Louisa-Muscatine Elementary, Letts
191782001025Louisa-Muscatine High School, Letts
191782002106Louisa-Muscatine Jr High, Letts
000000457973Lourdes Catholic School, Bettendorf
190897000552Lovejoy Elementary School, Des Moines
193048001731Lowell Elementary School, Waterloo
190336000033Lucia Wallace Elementary School, Algona
000000459187Lutheran Interparish School, Williamsburg
191788001026LuVerne Elementary School, LuVerne
191803001964Lynnville-Sully Elementary School, Sully
191803001031Lynnville-Sully High School, Sully
191803001994Lynnville-Sully Middle School, Sully
190654000253Madison Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190858000477Madison Elementary School, Davenport
190897000554Madison Elementary School, Des Moines
192013001189Madison Elementary School, Muscatine
192247001508Madison Elementary School, Pella
191818001039Madrid Elementary School, Madrid
191818001040Madrid High School, Madrid
191818001041Madrid Junior High School, Madrid
0000AA000905Maharishi School Of The Age Of Enlightenment, Fairfield
193072001042Mallard Elementary School, Mallard
191833001052Manson Northwest Webster Elementary School-Barnum, Barnum
191833001053Manson Northwest Webster Junior High/High School, Manson
193051001503Maple Grove Elementary, West Des Moines
191848001057Maple Valley-Anthon Oto High School, Mapleton
191848001059Mapleton Elementary School, Mapleton
191851001062Maquoketa Community High School, Maquoketa
191851001063Maquoketa Middle School, Maquoketa
191854000725Maquoketa Valley Middle School, Delhi
191854001067Maquoketa Valley Senior High School, Delhi
191863001072Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Jr/Sr High School, Marcus
191863001127Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn East Elementary, Cleghorn
191863001073Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Primary, Marcus
193054001745Margaretta Carey Elementary School, Waverly
191869001075Marion High School, Marion
191869002098Marion Home School, Marion
190486000149Mark Twain Elementary School, Bettendorf
191470000896Mark Twain Elementary, Iowa City
191344000812Marnie Simons Elementary School, Hamburg
000000457532Marquette Catholic School System, Bellevue
190948000615Marshall Elementary School, Dubuque
191872001091Marshalltown High School, Marshalltown
191875001096Martensdale Elementary School, Martensdale
191875001097Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School, Martensdale
193168000611Mary Welsh Elementary, Williamsburg
191878001107Mason City High School, Mason City
000000458638Mater Dei Sch Immaculate Conception Center, Sioux City
0000A9701554Mater Dei School Nativity Center, Sioux City
0000A0701006Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School, Dubuque
192211002034McCarroll Building, Ottumwa
190897000557McCombs Middle School, Des Moines
191812001484McGregor Intermediate School, Mcgregor
190897002108McKee Elementary School, Des Moines
190858000479McKinley Elementary School, Davenport
190897000559McKinley Elementary School, Des Moines
192013001190McKinley Elementary School, Muscatine
190654000254McKinley Middle School, Cedar Rapids
191893001117Mediapolis Elementary School, Mediapolis
191893001118Mediapolis High School, Mediapolis
190354000056Meeker Elementary School, Ames
191896001121Melcher-Dallas Elem, Dallas
191896001122Melcher-Dallas High School, Melcher
191896001123Melcher-Dallas Junior High School, Melcher
190897000560Meredith Middle School, Des Moines
190897000561Merrill Middle School, Des Moines
008660989702Meskwaki Elementary School
008660989701Meskwaki High School
190654000259Metro High School, Cedar Rapids
191812001038MFL MarMac Elementary School, Monona
191812001036MFL MarMac HS, Monona
191812001068MFL MarMac Middle School, Mcgregor
190858002009Mid City High, Davenport
191914001131Mid-Prairie High School, Wellman
191914001132Mid-Prairie Middle School, Kalona
191893001119Middle School, Mediapolis
191920002162Midland Elementary, Oxford Junction
191920001563Midland Middle/High School, Wyoming
191944001145Missouri Valley Elementary, Missouri Valley
191944001146Missouri Valley High School, Missouri Valley
191944001147Missouri Valley Middle School, Missouri Valley
190897002166Mitchell Early Childhood Center, Des Moines
190354000054Mitchell Elementary School, Ames
192682001570Mitchellville Elementary School, Mitchellville
191884001112MOC-Floyd Valley High School, Orange City
191884000708MOC-Floyd Valley Middle School, Alton
190858000480Monroe Elementary School, Davenport
190897000563Monroe Elementary School, Des Moines
199901702063Monroe Elementary School, Monroe
191959001149Montezuma Elementary School, Montezuma
191959001150Montezuma High School, Montezuma
191959001151Montezuma Junior High School, Montezuma
191965001153Monticello High School, Monticello
191965002000Monticello Middle School, Monticello
7717370724Moore Elementary School - Des Moines
191971001156Moravia Elementary School, Moravia
191971001157Moravia High School, Moravia
191974001158Mormon Trail Elementary School, Humeston
191974001160Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School, Garden Grove
191977001161Morning Sun Elementary School, Morning Sun
190897000583Morris Elementary School, Des Moines
19050700JJJJMorris Elementary, Bondurant
190897000565Moulton Elementary School, Des Moines
191980001163Moulton Elementary School, Moulton
191980001164Moulton-Udell High School, Moulton
191986001166Mount Ayr Elementary, Mount Ayr
191986001167Mount Ayr High School, Mount Ayr
191989001172Mount Pleasant High School, Mount Pleasant
191989001173Mount Pleasant Middle School, Mount Pleasant
192004001883Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon
192004001178Mount Vernon Middle School, Mount Vernon
193195001863Moville Elementary School, Moville
000000459121Mt Olive Lutheran School, Des Moines
192013001192Mulberry Elementary School, Muscatine
192010001180Murray Elementary School, Murray
192010001181Murray School Murray Jr/Sr High, Murray
192013001193Muscatine High School, Muscatine
191848000079MVAO Middle School, Anthon
192019001196Nashua-Plainfield Elementary School, Nashua
192019002203Nashua-Plainfield Intermediate School, Plainfield
192019001197Nashua-Plainfield Junior-SeniorHigh School, Nashua
190486000150Neil Armstrong Elementary School, Bettendorf
192094001254Neil Armstrong Elementary School, Eldridge
000002027971Netherlands Reformed Christian School, Rock Valley
192025001202Nevada High School, Nevada
192025002072Nevada Middle School, Nevada
191041000666New Albin Elementary School, New Albin
192034001205New Hampton Elementary School, New Hampton
192034001206New Hampton High School, New Hampton
192034001922New Hampton Middle School, New Hampton
190912001208New Hartford Elementary School, New Hartford
192046001210New London Jr-Sr High School, New London
192058001218Newell-Fonda High School, Newell
192058001217Newell-Fonda Lower Elementary, Newell
192058000713Newell-Fonda Middle Sch., Newell
192058000712Newell-Fonda Upper Elem. Elementary, Newell
000000457066Newman Catholic School System, Mason City
000000459722Newton Christian Day School, Newton
192061001226Newton Senior High School, Newton
191152000703Nishnabotna High School, Farragut
191344002138Nishnabotna Middle School, Hamburg
190654000255Nixon Elementary School, Hiawatha
191311000786Nodaway Valley Elementary School, Greenfield
191311000788Nodaway Valley High School, Greenfield
191311000170Nodaway Valley Middle School, Fontanelle
192640001521Nodland Elementary School, Sioux City
191470002168Norman Borlaug Elementary School, Coralville
190759002103North Bend Elementary, North Liberty
190345000042North Butler Elementary Allison Building, Allison
190345000784North Butler Elementary Greene Building, Greene
190345000785North Butler High School, Greene
190345000043North Butler Middle School, Allison
190651000227North Cedar Elementary School, Cedar Falls
191710001001North Cedar High School, Stanwood
191710001947North Cedar Lowden Elementary Center, Lowden
191710001000North Cedar Mechanicsville Elem Ctr, Mechanicsville
191710000337North Cedar Middle School, Clarence
191470001392North Central Junior High School, North Liberty
190690000816North Elementary School, Leon
190000602191North Fayette Elementary Fayette Center, Fayette
190000601232North Fayette High School, West Union
192871002189North Fayette-Valley Middle School, Elgin
190858001977North High School, Davenport
190897000566North High School, Des Moines
192640001522North High School, Sioux City
190579000190North Hill Elementary School, Burlington
0000A9103331North Iowa Christian School, Mason City
190575000176North Iowa Elem Buffalo Center, Buffalo Center
190575000177North Iowa High School, Buffalo Center
190575001620North Iowa Middle School, Buffalo Center
192083001887North Kossuth Elementary School, Swea City
192082001244North Linn Elementary, Troy Mills
192085001246North Mahaska Elementary School, New Sharon
192085001245North Mahaska Jr-Sr High School, New Sharon
192640001287North Middle School, Sioux City
192091001923North Polk Central Elementary School, Alleman
192091001248North Polk High School, Alleman
192091002095North Polk Middle School, Alleman
192091001249North Polk West Elementary School, Polk City
190852002099North Ridge Elementary, Grimes
192094001255North Scott Junior High School, Eldridge
192094001256North Scott Senior High School, Eldridge
191347000817North Side Elementary School, Hampton
192100001260North Tama Elementary, Traer
192100001258North Tama High School, Traer
190385001899North Union High School, Armstrong
192083002179North Union Middle School, Swea City
192106001261North Winneshiek Elementary School, Decorah
192106001262North Winneshiek Middle School, Decorah
192082001242North-Linn Middle School, Troy Mills
192082001243North-Linn Senior High School, Troy Mills
191269000768Northeast Elementary School, Glenwood
192109001265Northeast Elementary School, Goose Lake
190369000148Northeast Elementary, Ankeny
192112001888Northeast Hamilton Elementary School, Blairsburg
192112001889Northeast Hamilton High School, Blairsburg
192112001267Northeast Hamilton Middle School, Blairsburg
193087001353Northeast Iowa Charter High School, Maynard
192109001266Northeast Middle-High School, Goose Lake
191584002132Northstar Elementary School, Knoxville
190369000380Northview Middle School, Ankeny
190369000074Northwest Elementary School, Ankeny
0000A9701556Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed Sch, Doon
191470000897Northwest Junior High School, Coralville
190354001906Northwood Pre-School, Ames
192121001270Northwood-Kensett Elementary, Northwood
192121001271Northwood-Kensett Jr-Sr High School, Northwood
192124001274Norwalk Middle School, Norwalk
192124001275Norwalk Senior High School, Norwalk
190483001277Norway Elementary School, Norway
000001605548Notre Dame Elementary School, Burlington
000000457361Notre Dame Elementary School, Cresco
0000A0501661Notre Dame High School, Burlington
191722001006Novak Elementary School, Marion
192160001285OA-BCIG Middle School, Odebolt
190897000567Oak Park, Des Moines
191722000810Oak Ridge School, Marion
192160001283Odebolt-Arthur Elementary School, Odebolt
192163001288Oelwein High School, Oelwein
192163001289Oelwein Middle School, Oelwein
192166001295Ogden High School, Ogden
192166001294Ogden Middle School, Ogden
190002102004Okoboji Elementary School, Milford
190002102002Okoboji High School, Milford
190002102003Okoboji Middle School, Arnolds Park
192172001296Olin Elementary School, Olin
192868001657Olmsted Elementary School, Urbandale
000000459595Orange City Christian School, Orange City
191884000710Orange City Elementary School, Orange City
193048001734Orange Elementary School, Waterloo
190651000228Orchard Hill Elementary School, Cedar Falls
190897000568Orchard Place School, Des Moines
192181001298Orient Elementary School, Orient
192181001299Orient-Macksburg Senior High School, Orient
192184001302Osage High School, Osage
192184001303Osage Middle School, Osage
000000459518Oskaloosa Christian School, Oskaloosa
192187001094Oskaloosa Elementary School, Oskaloosa
192187001309Oskaloosa High School, Oskaloosa
192187001310Oskaloosa Middle School, Oskaloosa
192211001322Ottumwa High School, Ottumwa
192124001276Oviatt Elementary School, Norwalk
190513000163Page Elementary School, Boone
190002500606Panorama Elementary, Panora
190002501334Panorama High School, Panora
190002501335Panorama Middle School, Panora
190897000569Park Ave Elementary School, Des Moines
190375001336Parkersburg Elementary School, Parkersburg
192163001290Parkside Elementary School, Oelwein
190369000073Parkview Middle School, Ankeny
192238001338Paton-Churdan Elementary, Churdan
192238001339Paton-Churdan Jr-Sr High School, Churdan
190486000146Paul Norton Elementary School, Bettendorf
199901702060PCM High School, Monroe
199901702061PCM Middle School, Prairie City
190651000229Peet Junior High School, Cedar Falls
192244001343Pekin Community High School, Packwood
192244001345Pekin Elementary School, Packwood
192244000523Pekin Middle School, Packwood
000000459686Pella Christian Grade School, Pella
192247001350Pella High School, Pella
192247001351Pella Middle School, Pella
191134000698Pence Elementary School, Fairfield
191470000898Penn Elementary School, North Liberty
YYYYYYYY6552Peoria Christian School, Pella
193135001346Peosta Elementary School, Peosta
190897000570Perkins Elementary School, Des Moines
191533002057Perry #1 Elementary School, Independence
192253000051Perry Elementary, Perry
192253001355Perry High School, Perry
192253001356Perry Middle School, Perry
190897000571Phillips Elementary, Des Moines
190654000256Pierce Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
191575000942Pierson Elementary School, Pierson
191575000943Pierson Middle School, Pierson
191473000908Pineview Elementary, Iowa Falls
190897000572Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Des Moines
192311001364Pleasant Valley High School, Bettendorf
192311001361Pleasant Valley Junior High School, LeClaire
192311001365Pleasant View Elementary School, Bettendorf
193063001760Pleasant View Elementary School, Webster City
192316001367Pleasantville Elementary, Pleasantville
192316001369Pleasantville High School, Pleasantville
192316001403Pleasantville Middle School, Pleasantville
192319001375Pocahontal Area Pomeroy Elementary, Pomeroy
192319001372Pocahontas Area Elementary School, Pocahontas
192319001373Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School, Pocahontas
192319000377Pocahontas Area Regional Learning Center, Pocahontas
000000458547Pocahontas Catholic Grade School, Pocahontas
193048001546Poyner Elementary, Evansdale
199901702062Prairie City Elementary School, Prairie City
190786002113Prairie Creek, Cedar Rapids
190786000389Prairie Crest Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190786000104Prairie Edge, Cedar Rapids
191533002016Prairie Grove Elementary School, Hazelton
190786000387Prairie Heights Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190786000388Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
19078600HHHHPrairie Hill Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190786002110Prairie Point, Cedar Rapids
190786000761Prairie Ridge Elementary, Cedar Rapids
190369002139Prairie Ridge Middle School, Ankeny
190369002183Prairie Trail Elementary, Ankeny
190002801381Prairie Valley Elementary School, Farnhamville
190002801382Prairie Valley High School, Gowrie
190786000391Prairie View Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
193051000931Prairieview School, Waukee
190948001456Prescott Elementary School, Dubuque
192376001384Prescott Elementary School, Prescott
000002871919Prince Of Peace Catholic Education System, Clinton
192976001694Readlyn Elementary School, Readlyn
192400000527Red Oak Early Childhood, Red Oak
192400001397Red Oak High School, Red Oak
192400001398Red Oak Middle School, Red Oak
000000457678Regina Schools, Iowa City
0000A0301588Regis Middle School, Cedar Rapids
191266000764Reinbeck Elementary School, Reinbeck
192412001405Remsen-Union Elementary School, Remsen
192412001407Remsen-Union High School, Remsen
192412001995Remsen-Union Middle School, Remsen
0000A0501662Resurrection School, Dubuque
192415001409Riceville Elementary School, Riceville
192415001410Riceville High School, Riceville
190468002090Richard O. Jacobson Elementary School, Belmond
191185000737Richardson Elementary School, Fort Madison
191223001960Ridge View High School, Holstein
190651002199River Hills, Cedar Falls, IA
191034000657River Valley Elementary, Washta
191034000658River Valley Junior- Senior High School, Correctionville
190897000728River Woods Elementary School, Des Moines
191473000905Riverbend Middle School, Iowa Falls
192311001366Riverdale Heights Elem School, Bettendorf
190002700260Riverside Community High School, Oakland
190002700249Riverside Community Intermediate School, Carson
191182002171Riverside ELC, Fort Dodge
191401000842Riverside Elementary School, Riverside
192640001526Riverside Elementary School, Sioux City
190002700279Riverside Elementary, Oakland
190999000636Robert Blue School, Eagle Grove
191470000899Robert Lucas Elementary School, Iowa City
19036900QQQQRock Creek Elementary, Ankeny
191473000907Rock Run Elementary, Iowa Falls
000000459449Rock Valley Christian School, Rock Valley
192466001414Rock Valley Elementary School, Rock Valley
192466001415Rock Valley Jr-Sr High School, Rock Valley
192496001431Rockford Junior-Senior Rockford Senior High, Rockford
191872001093Rogers Elementary School, Marshalltown
192487001422Roland-Story Elementary School, Story City
192487001423Roland-Story High School, Story City
192487001424Roland-Story Middle School, Roland
192868001658Rolling Green Elementary School, Urbandale
190717000332Roosevelt Elementary School, Cherokee
190822000431Roosevelt Elementary School, Council Bluffs
191878001109Roosevelt Elementary School, Mason City
191107002104Roosevelt Elementary, Estherville
190897000574Roosevelt High School, Des Moines
190654000258Roosevelt Middle School, Cedar Rapids
190798000397Roundy Elementary School, Columbus Junction
192496001430RRMR Elementary School, Rockford
190897000580Ruby Van Meter School, Des Moines
190822000433Rue Elementary School, Council Bluffs
192682001571Runnells Elementary School, Runnells
192976001695Rural Elementary School #1, Fairbank
192976000520Rural Elementary School #2, Fairbank
192976001697Rural Elementary School #3, Fairbank
192976001698Rural Elementary School #4, Fairbank
192505001966Ruthven-Ayrshire Elementary School, Ruthven
192505001967Ruthven-Ayrshire High School, Ruthven
000000457088Sacred Heart Elementary School, Oelwein
000000457077Sacred Heart Grade School, Monticello
000000458886Sacred Heart School, Boone
000000457022Sacred Heart School, Maquoketa
000000458649Sacred Heart School, Sioux City
000000458718Sacred Heart School, Spencer
000000457157Sacred Heart School, Waterloo
000000458128Sacred Heart School, West Des Moines
190948000617Sageville Elementary School, Dubuque
000000457168Saint Edward School, Waterloo
YYYYYYYY6554Saints Mary and Mathias Catholic School, Muscatine
191989001175Salem Elementary School, Salem
190897002093Samuelson Elementary School, Des Moines
000000459438Sanborn Christian School, Sanborn
190354000049Sawyer Elementary School, Ames
192532001447Saydel High School, Des Moines
190897000537Scavo Alternative High School, Des Moines
192538001450Schaller-Crestland Elementary, Schaller
192538002121Schaller-Crestland M.S. Ridge View Middle School, Early
192541001452Schleswig Elementary School, Schleswig
192541001451Schleswig Middle-School, Schleswig
190393000412Schuler Elementary School, Atlantic
192556001458Sentral Elementary, Fenton
192559000726Sergeant Bluff-Luton Elementary School, Sergeant Bluff
192559001891Sergeant Bluff-Luton Middle School, Sergeant Bluff
192559001461Sergeant Bluff-Luton Primary School, Sergeant Bluff
192559001460Sergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School, Sergeant Bluff
0000A0103589Seton Catholic Elem Sch Farley Center, Farley
0000A0901537Seton Catholic Elem Sch Peosta Center, Peosta
000000457714Seton Catholic School, Ottumwa
000000458944Seton Grade School, Algona
192562001464Seymour Elementary School, Seymour
192562001465Seymour High School, Seymour
191965001155Shannon Elementary School, Monticello
0000A0701008Shelby Co. Catholic Sch, Harlan
000000459573Sheldon Christian School, Sheldon
192598001474Sheldon High School, Sheldon
192598001475Sheldon Middle School, Sheldon
193054001746Shell Rock Elementary School, Shell Rock
192931001476Shellsburg Elementary School, Shellsburg
192607001478Shenandoah Elementary School, Shenandoah
192607001482Shenandoah High School, Shenandoah
192607001483Shenandoah Middle School, Shenandoah
193051002130Shuler Elementary, Clive
190001501486Sibley Ocheyedan Elementary School, Sibley
190001501487Sibley-Ocheyedan High School, Sibley
190001501485Sibley-Ocheyedan Middle School, Sibley
192625001488Sidney Elementary School, Sidney
192625001489Sidney High School, Sidney
192628001494Sigourney Elementary, Sigourney
192628001491Sigourney Jr-Sr High Sch, Sigourney
000000459507Sioux Center Christian School, Sioux Center
192637001496Sioux Center High School, Sioux Center
192637001497Sioux Center Middle School, Sioux Center
190002301541Sioux Central Elementary School, Sioux Rapids
190002301896Sioux Central High, Sioux Rapids
190002300835Sioux Central Middle School, Sioux Rapids
000000459799Siouxland Community Christian School, Sioux City
190897000576Smouse Opportunity School, Des Moines
192658001543Solon High School, Solon
192658000707Solon Middle School, Solon
19000240NNNNSouth Central Calhoun Elementary Building, Rockwell City
190002400961South Central Calhoun High School, Lake City
19000240MMMMSouth Central Calhoun Middle School, Rockwell City
190690000300South Elementary School, Leon
192664001547South Hamilton Elem, Jewell
192664001549South Hamilton Middle And High School, Jewell
191431001390South Hardin Middle School, Hubbard
190002600618South O'Brien Elem Sch Primghar Center, Primghar
190002601341South O'Brien Secondary School, Paullina
192667001551South Page Elementary School, College Springs
192667001552South Page Senior High School, College Springs
190852002029South Prairie Elementary, Grimes
191347000819South Side Elementary School, Hampton
192673001463South Tama County Elementary School, Tama
192673001556South Tama County High School, Tama
192673001557South Tama County Middle School, Toledo
190897001472South Union Elementary School, Des Moines
192679001562South Winneshiek Elementary School, Ossian
192679001565South Winneshiek High School, Calmar
192679001564South Winneshiek Middle School, Ossian
190651000230Southdale Elementary School, Cedar Falls
190369000077Southeast Elementary School, Ankeny
193054001747Southeast Elementary School, Waverly
191470000901Southeast Junior High School, Iowa City
192682001572Southeast Polk High School, Pleasant Hill
192682001573Southeast Polk Junior High School, Pleasant Hill
192685001574Southeast Warren Intermediate, Lacona
192685001576Southeast Warren Jr-Sr High School, Liberty Center
192685001575Southeast Warren Primary, Milo
199901902076Southeast Webster-Grand Southeast Valley Middle, Burnside
190369002186Southview Middle School, Ankeny
190813000404Southwest Valley High School, Corning
192928002207Southwest Valley Middle School, Villisca
000000458525Spalding Catholic School System, Granville
192640002178Spalding Park Elementary, Sioux City
192691001582Spencer High School, Spencer
192691001583Spencer Middle School, Spencer
192700001584Spirit Lake Elementary School, Spirit Lake
192700001585Spirit Lake High School, Spirit Lake
192700001905Spirit Lake Middle School, Spirit Lake
192682002134Spring Creek - 6th Grade, Pleasant Hill
192706001586Springville Elementary School, Springville
192706001587Springville Secondary School, Springville
000000458219St Albert Catholic Schools, Council Bluffs
192520001441St Ansgar Elementary School, St Ansgar
192520001442St Ansgar High School, St. Ansgar
000000458117St Anthony School, Des Moines
000000457259St Anthony School, Dubuque
000000456991St Athanasius School, Jesup
000000458321St Augustin School, Des Moines
000000457339St Benedict School, Decorah
000000458558St Catherine-St Mary Grade School, Remsen
000000457554St Cecilia School, Ames
000000457587St Columbkille School, Dubuque
0000A0103611St Francis of Assisi School, West Des Moines
000000456878St Francis Xavier School, Dyersville
000000457703St James Elem School, Washington
000000456958St John Elementary School, Independence
000000456787St Joseph Community School, New Hampton
000000458365St Joseph Elementary School, Des Moines
000000457907St Joseph School, De Witt
000000457033St Joseph School, Marion
YYYYYYYY6551St Jude Center, Cedar Rapids
192739000847St Lake/IA Cntrl/Buena Vista Early College HS, Storm Lake
YYYYYYYY6550St Ludmila Center, Cedar Rapids
000000458208St Malachy School, Creston
000000458536St Mary School, Humboldt
0000A9901918St Mary's Catholic Schools, Storm Lake
YYYYYYYY6555St Marys High School, Remsen
000000456936St Marys School, Guttenberg
YYYYYYYY6548St Marys School, Manchester
000000457419St Matthew School, Cedar Rapids
000000457543St Patrick School, Anamosa
000000457474St Patrick School, Cedar Falls
000000458172St Patrick School, Perry
000000457215St Patrick School, Waukon
000000458707St Patrick's School, Sheldon
YYYYYYYY6559St Paul Lutheran School, Fort Dodge
000000457237St Paul School, Worthington
000000457667St Paul The Apostle School, Davenport
0000AA001391St Pauls Lutheran School, Latimer
000000459143St Pauls Lutheran School, Sioux City
000000459256St Pauls Lutheran School, Waverly
000000457394St Pius X School, Cedar Rapids
000000458343St Pius X School, Urbandale
000000458434St Rose Of Lima School, Denison
000000458296St Theresa School, Des Moines
000000457226St Thomas Aquinas School, Webster City
192520001440St. Ansgar Middle School, St. Ansgar
000000458514St. Edmond Catholic, Fort Dodge
YYYYYYYY6553St. Francis Catholic School, Marshalltown
192724001588Stanton Elementary School, Stanton
192724001589Stanton High School, Stanton
192727001591Starmont Elementary School, Arlington
192727001592Starmont High School, Arlington
192727001593Starmont Middle School Comm School District, Arlington
191869001077Starry Elementary School, Marion
193024001703Stewart Elementary School, Washington
193093001796Stilwell Junior High School, West Des Moines
192739002107Storm Lake Elementary, Storm Lake
192739001601Storm Lake High School, Storm Lake
192739001600Storm Lake Middle School, Storm Lake
190897000577Stowe Elementary School, Des Moines
192748001603Stratford Elementary, Stratford
190357000064Strawberry Hill Elementary, Anamosa
192750001605Stuart Elementary School, Stuart
190897000578Studebaker Elementary School, Des Moines
190858000482Sudlow Intermediate, Davenport
000000459664Sully Christian School, Sully
191545000749Summit Middle School, Johnston
0000A0301593Summit Schools Inc, Cedar Rapids
192760001610Sumner-Fredericksburg HS, Sumner
192760000742Sumner-Fredericksburg Middle School, Fredericksburg
190579000194Sunnyside Elementary School, Burlington
192640001530Sunnyside Elementary School, Sioux City
193063001763Sunset Heights Elementary School, Webster City
192928001675Sylvia Enarson Elementary School, Villisca
190948000619Table Mound Elementary School, Dubuque
191437000861Taft Elementary School, Humboldt
190654000261Taft Middle School, Cedar Rapids
190654000262Taylor Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190369000078Terrace Elementary School, Ankeny
190306001383The Cougars Den, Ackley
190486000147Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Bettendorf
192061002123Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Newton
190654000263Thomas Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids
190822000435Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs
190948000612Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Dubuque
192931001550Tilford Elementary School, Vinton
191545001412Timber Ridge Elementary, Johnston
000000459631Timothy Christian School, Wellsburg
192787001621Tipton Elementary School, Tipton
192787001622Tipton High School, Tipton
192787000290Tipton Middle School, Tipton
191668000994Titan Hill Intermediate School, Council Bluffs
191563002198Torrence Elementary, Keokuk
192796001626Treynor Elementary School, Treynor
192796001627Treynor High School, Treynor
192796002175Treynor Middle School, Treynor
192799001630Tri-Center Elementary School, Neola
192799001632Tri-Center High School, Neola
192799000309Tri-Center Middle School, Neola
192802001636Tri-County Elementary School, Thornburg
192802001634Tri-County High School, Thornburg
192802001635Tri-County Junior High School, Thornburg
0000A0103657Trinity Catholic School, Protivin
000000459369Trinity Lutheran School, Boone
000000459176Trinity Lutheran School, Cedar Rapids
000000459165Trinity Lutheran School, Davenport
192805001637Tripoli Elementary School, Tripoli
192805001638Tripoli Middle/Sr High School, Tripoli
191533002017Triumph Elementary School, Fairbank
190654000264Truman Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
192811001639Turkey Valley Elementary School, Jackson Junction
192811001640Turkey Valley Jr-Sr High School, Jackson Junction
192817001641Twin Cedars Elementary School, Bussey
192817001642Twin Cedars Jr-Sr High School, Bussey
192820001644Twin Rivers Elementary School, Bode
192823001646Underwood Elementary School, Underwood
192823001647Underwood High School, Underwood
192823001892Underwood Middle School, Underwood
190002200957Union High School, La Porte City
190002202013Union Middle School, Dysart
192856002105United Community North, Boone
192856001650United Community South, Boone
192640002089Unity Elementary School, Sioux City
192868001659Urbandale High School, Urbandale
192868001660Urbandale Middle School, Urbandale
192868002069Valerius Elementary School, Urbandale
192871002058Valley Elementary, Elgin
193093001797Valley High School, West Des Moines
0000A0501666Valley Lutheran School, Cedar Falls
193093000483Valley Southwoods, West Des Moines
190705000317Van Allen Elementary School, Chariton
191989001177Van Allen Elementary School, Mount Pleasant
192898001667Van Buren Community Elementary School, Douds
192898001670Van Buren Community High School, Keosauqua
190654000266Van Buren Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190483001988Van Horne Elementary School, Van Horne
192901001671Van Meter Elementary School, Van Meter
192901001672Van Meter Jr-Sr High School, Van Meter
192910001673Ventura Elementary School, Ventura
192910002181Ventura Middle School, Ventura
191869001078Vernon Middle School, Marion
193051002205Vince Meyer Learning Ctr, Waukee
192931001681Vinton-Shellsburg High School, Vinton
192931001680Vinton-Shellsburg Middle School, Vinton
190654000731Viola Gibson Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
192094001257Virgil Grissom Elementary School, Princeton
192949001683Waco Elementary School, Crawfordsville
192949001684WACO High School, Wayland
000000456845Wahlert Catholic High School, Dubuque
190858000484Walcott Elementary School, Walcott
190858000485Walcott Intermediate, Walcott
193093000393Walnut Creek Campus, West Des Moines
192964001688Walnut Elementary School, Walnut
193051000958Walnut Hills Elementary, Urbandale
190897001143Walnut Street School, Des Moines
192973001691Wapello Elementary School, Wapello
192973001927Wapello Junior High School, Wapello
192973001692Wapello Senior High School, Wapello
192976001700Wapsie Valley High School, Fairbank
190393000094Washington Elementary School, Atlantic
190708000324Washington Elementary School, Charles City
190858000486Washington Elementary School, Davenport
191134000701Washington Elementary School, Fairfield
192004001179Washington Elementary School, Mount Vernon
192013001194Washington Elementary School, Muscatine
192640001531Washington Elementary School, Sioux City
190717000333Washington High School, Cherokee
193024001704Washington High School, Washington
192400001399Washington Intermediate School, Red Oak
193024001705Washington Middle School, Washington
191914001133Washington Township Elementary School, Kalona
000000459733Waterloo Christian Sch School System, Waterloo
190339000037Waterville Elementary School, Waterville
193051001742Waukee Elementary School, Waukee
193051001743Waukee Middle School, Waukee
193051001744Waukee Senior High School, Waukee
193051002116Waukee South MS, Waukee
190339000038Waukon High School, Waukon
193054002163Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School, Waverly
193054001749Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School, Waverly
193056001755Wayne Community Jr-Sr High School, Corydon
193056001754Wayne Elementary School, Corydon
191470000304Weber Elementary, Iowa City
192187002087Webster Building, Oskaloosa
193063001764Webster City High School, Webster City
193063001765Webster City Middle School, Webster City
192868001413Webster Elementary School, Urbandale
190897000584Weeks Middle School, Des Moines
191914001134Wellman Elementary School, Wellman
193072001770West Bend-Mallard High School, West Bend
193072001044West Bend-Mallard Middle School, West Bend
193075001774West Branch High School, West Branch
193075001773West Branch Middle School, West Branch
193078001775West Burlington Elem School, West Burlington
193078001776West Burlington High School, West Burlington
193078001777West Burlington Junior High School, West Burlington
190339000040West Campus Elementary School, Waukon
193054001751West Cedar Elementary School, Waverly
193087001778West Central K - 8 School, Maynard
193087001779West Central Sr High School, Maynard
192750001607West Central Valley High School, Stuart
192750000664West Central Valley Middle School, Redfield
193090001786West Delaware High School, Manchester
193090001787West Delaware Middle School, Manchester
191095000678West Elementary School, Emmetsburg
191269000770West Elementary School, Glenwood
191458000869West Elementary School, Independence
191584002114West Elementary, Knoxville
190420000108West Elementary, Slater
192592001467West Fork Elementary Sheffield, Sheffield
192592001419West Fork Elementary at Rockwell, Rockwell
192592001468West Fork High School, Sheffield
192592002101West Fork Middle School, Rockwell
190543000171West Hancock Elementary School, Britt
190543000172West Hancock High School, Britt
190543000928West Hancock Middle School, Kanawha
193096000331West Harrison Elementary, Mondamin
193096001801West Harrison High School, Mondamin
190858000487West High School, Davenport
192640001533West High School, Sioux City
193048001738West High School, Waterloo
193099002109West Liberty Elementary School, West Liberty
193099001805West Liberty High School, West Liberty
193099001804West Liberty Middle School, West Liberty
193102001806West Lyon Elementary School, Inwood
193102001807West Lyon High School, Inwood
193102001808West Lyon Junior High School, Inwood
193108001811West Marshall Elementary School, State Center
193108001812West Marshall High School, State Center
193108001813West Marshall Middle School, State Center
192013001195West Middle School, Muscatine
192640001534West Middle School, Sioux City
193111002195West Monona Elementary, Onawa
193111001817West Monona High School, Onawa
193111000738West Monona Middle Sch, Onawa
191470000902West Senior High School, Iowa City
190873000502West Side Elementary School, Decorah
193129001821West Sioux High School, Hawarden
193129001822West Sioux Middle School, Hawarden
190000601234West Union Elementary School, West Union
000000459529Western Christian High School, Hull
193135001832Western Dubuque High School, Epworth
193093001798Western Hills Elementary School, West Des Moines
191722000368Westfield Elementary School, Robins
193093002055Westridge Elementary, West Des Moines
190378000085Westside Junior-Senior High School, Westside
190369002026Westwood Elementary School, Ankeny
193147001835Westwood Elementary School, Sloan
193147001837Westwood High School, Sloan
193162001841Whiting Elementary School, Whiting
193162001842Whiting Senior High School, Whiting
190771000384Whittier Elementary School, Clinton
191464000876Whittier Elementary School, Indianola
192640001535Whittier Elementary School, Sioux City
191470000436Wickham Elementary, Coralville
191464002100Wilder Elementary School, Indianola
192211002200Wildwood Elementary School, Ottumwa
191722001007Wilkins Elementary School, Marion
190897000585Willard Elementary School, Des Moines
190858000488Williams Intermediate, Davenport
193168001845Williamsburg Jr-Sr High School, Williamsburg
192682002068Willowbrook Elementary School, Altoona
000000459223Willowwind School, Iowa City
190858000489Wilson Elementary School, Davenport
192211001328Wilson Elementary School, Ottumwa
190654000267Wilson Middle School, Cedar Rapids
193180001849Wilton Elementary School, Wilton
193180001850Wilton Jr-Sr High School, Wilton
190897000587Windsor Elementary, Des Moines
193183001851Winfield Elementary School, Winfield
193183001852Winfield-Mt Union Jr-Sr High School, Winfield
192163001292Wings Park Elementary School, Oelwein
193186001085Winterset Bridges School, Winterset
193186001856Winterset Elementary School, Winterset
193186000369Winterset Junior High School, Winterset
193186001857Winterset Middle School, Winterset
193186001858Winterset Senior High School, Winterset
191989001015WisdomQuest Education Center, Mount Pleasant
190858000490Wood Intermediate, Davenport
193192001861Woodbine Elementary School, Woodbine
193192001862Woodbine High School, Woodbine
193195001865Woodbury Central High School, Moville
193195001864Woodbury Central Middle School, Moville
191872001095Woodbury Elementary School, Marshalltown
193051002190Woodland Hills, West Des Moines
190897002140Woodlawn Early Childhood Center, Des Moines
192061002119Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Newton
190822000440Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Council Bluffs
192532001448Woodside Middle School, Des Moines
193201002079Woodward Academy, Woodward
193201001867Woodward-Granger Elementary School, Granger
193201000434Woodward-Granger Grandwood, Woodward
193201001868Woodward-Granger High School, Woodward
193201001866Woodward-Granger Middle School, Woodward
190654000268Wright Elementary School, Cedar Rapids
190897000589Wright Elementary School, Des Moines
0000A9901924Xavier High School, Cedar Rapids
000000459132Zion Lutheran School, Denison
000000459325Zion-St. John Lutheran School, Paullina


Payment Option:

If you are selected to receive a Teach Iowa Scholar payment, there are two payment options. For either payment option you choose, payments are projected to be made in July/August 2020 following verification with your college and employer.

  1. Pay student loans - your award will be sent to the lender you indicate below. Only Stafford, Consolidation, Graduate PLUS and Perkins loans are eligible. Payment cannot be split between multiple lenders; if you have loans with multiple lenders please choose one lender to receive this payment.

  2. Pay me - a state warrant will be sent to the permanent mailing address you indicated above. If you would like your payment to be electronically transferred to your bank account, you must complete the State of Iowa Direct Deposit Form and return this form to the office indicated on the bottom of the form by March 1, 2020. Payments made to individuals will be reported to the IRS and you will receive a 1099 Form from the State of Iowa to facilitate tax filing. This option is considered taxable income and must be reported accordingly.*
*You may want to consider the 'Pay Me' option if you are trying to qualify for any other loan forgiveness program.

Once your application has been submitted, you cannot change your payment option.

Your selected payment option:

Release and Consent


Under penalties of perjury, I certify that:

  1. The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number (or I am waiting for a number to be issued to me), and
  2. I am not subject to backup withholding because: (a) I am exempt from backup withholding, or (b) I have not been notified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure to report all interest or dividends, or (c) the IRS has notified me that I am no longer subject to backup withholding, and
  3. I am a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien, and
  4. The FATCA code(s) entered on this form (if any) indicating that I am exempt from FATCA reporting is correct.
  5. I understand that all notices regarding my eligibility will be sent exclusively by email. Communications will be sent to the email address that I provided on this application.
  6. I understand that by submitting this application, I am giving the Iowa College Student Aid Commission permission to verify any statement on this form and to ask for information from other sources to assist them in determining my eligibility and the amount I am eligible to receive. I further understand that additional information may be requested, as needed, to ensure efficient application processing.
  7. I understand that all opportunities for funding are dependent upon the availability of funds and that some funds are subject to appropriations, interest earnings, and proration.
  8. I certify that the information submitted in this application is truthful and, to the best of my knowledge, correct. I understand the eligibility criteria for this program. In the event that available state funds are insufficient to pay the full amount of each approved grant, award amounts may be administratively reduced.
  9. I authorize the exchange of information pertinent to my eligibility for these programs to and from the following entities:
    • Officials at my college or university who can verify my class rank
    • Officials at my place of employment who can verify my teaching status for the current academic year
    • Holder of my federal education loans
    • Iowa Board of Educational Examiners
I have read and understand the information in this Release and Consent and, by submitting this Application, agree to the terms of this Release and Consent.

I agree to the terms and conditions listed above

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Note: A confirmation page should display after you click the 'Submit Application' button that states, "Your Teach Iowa Scholar Application has been successfully received for [your name]."

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